Sugati-CRM – revolutionising lifecycle management for the travel sector

Sugati-CRM is a complete travel framework offering truly integrated end-to-end experience management for all elements of your travel business – from finding and nurturing customers, through to managing suppliers, reservations, contracting and more.

The benefits of Sugati-CRM don’t stop there though.  From pre-enquiry lead qualifying through the full enquiry management stage, Sugati offers you the chance to offer unparalleled customer experience and turn single transactions into a life-time relationship through integrated actions.

Behind the scenes, full itinerary and booking management tools allow you to manage every aspect of itinerary, contracting, billing and negotiations and customer communications. Reporting becomes simpler, helping you target resources, staff development time, budgets and more with more precision. Allowing you to focus on what matters –managing customer experience and growing your business.

All the tech you need to transform your business is now available in one neat package for the first time. Sugati-CRM brings together marketing, sales, supplier, contract and reporting management tools into a single tech solution.

We’ve used our years of experience in the travel trade – in all manner of roles – to develop the tool we know is needed to take the industry to the next level.

Sugati means Happy Destination.  It sums up our ethos as a team and how we work. It’s a word that reflects our commitment to you, your customers and our partnerships.

Sugati-CRM is a unique tool, built on Salesforce’s powerful Lightning platform.


3 key reasons to select Sugati-CRM

  • Provide excellent customer service and experience management during sales, holiday and post sales phases.  Build lifetime customer relationships that matter – and deliver revenue.
  • Reduce overheads associated with staff training, response handling, sales pipeline management and contracting/negotiating
  • Integrate all areas of business functionality for smart reporting and analytics

6 stages in the Sugati-CRM customer journey

Sugati-CRM offers end-to-end features and functions, all in a flexible format ready to deploy


  • Fully integrated with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud – offering omni-channel marketing & lead generation functionality
  • Pre-qualify lead preferences to deliver targeted content
  • Identify prospects using Audience Builder capabilities
  • Delve deeper with dynamic questioning
  • Automated dynamic content material based on enquiry, enabling sales consultant to respond instantly with a personalised message


  • The ability to build on-brand bespoke quotes quickly, based on a range of customer variables to increase conversion rates
  • Provides Sales with an intuitive, dynamic content library enabling easy up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Responsive system using multi-channel tools to engage at key decision points
  • Build one-to-one customer relationship through automated personalised messaging
  • Delivering a range of pricing options based on booking variables, including group dynamics and currency requirements
  • Fully integrated with supplier systems to reverify availablity and deliver accurate quotes quickly


  • Build and send on-brand itineraries quickly saving valuable administration time
  • Easily confirm and collect group details through online booking forms and integrate into your centralised booking database
  • Accept secure online payments from any group member in any currency and accurately report and recalculate owed balances
  • Automated booking confirmations, receipts and invoices
  • Forecast multi-currency profits and margins through enhanced financial management tools
  • Real time reporting for cost and buisness analysis

Pre Holiday

  • Customer experience management with automated service reminders and additional sales opportunities
  • Continuous customer engagement across all departments to ensure that your branding remains connected throughout their experience
  • Create customer communities to increase loyalty and improve your marketing communication channels
  • Automated supplier management through special request reminders

During Holiday

  • Boost customer experience through personalised interactive itineraries
  • Provide outstanding customer service with direct communication between your customers, suppliers and on-site staff
  • Increase supplier management functionality with easily modified itineraries and add ons
  • Create brand awareness and commitment by allowing customers to share their experiences through social channels

Post Holiday

  • Increase collection rate of feedback with dynamic questionnaire reporting capability
  • Intelligent data analysis of questionnaires to deliver targeted rebooking messages to increase repeat booking rate
  • Harness customer feedback to reinforce and proud credibility to in new Lead gen activity
  • Store customer profile information for retargeted marketing campaigns

See for yourself

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