Traditionally, Salesforce user training is a bit of a headache. No one really enjoys it. The users do not really like the idea that they either have to learn something new or are potentially up for review. People in leadership roles do not like having to dedicate time, manpower and resources towards training. However, for a successful Salesforce deployment and long term strategy, training is vital. If users are not trained properly, then adoption of Salesforce will be poor. Poor adoption is the most common reason a CRM deployment of any kind fails.

So what can be done? This is one of the main focuses of Tipster, a new app for Salesforce created by Appssential. The goal with Tipster was to make a product that stuck to one core value. We want to be able to turn any Salesforce user into an expert user. So we got stuck in. The result was Tipster. So what does it do? Why is it special? First of all, it is entirely integrated into Salesforce. No getting the manual out. No searching through shared file servers for the training pdfs written by someone no longer at the company. Just go to any page you want more information about and there are your guides. Need help with Accounts? The guides are already there. Need help with a custom Visual Force page designed by your team? The guides are there too. Not only that, they are guides written by your team. The guides will feature the name of the author and your logo. Your users will be able to easily access the entire library of training information ever written and know it was written for them.

Tipster’s second great feature for training is that guides can be directed to different usergroups. Say you want a beginner guide for Leads for a brand new set of employees? That is not a problem. Simply make the guide only visible to their usergroup. Have a really advanced custom sales guide for your best salespeople? Write a guide just for them. Your users will never feel that the training is above or beneath them. It will always be the information they actually need when they actually need it.
When it comes to training. Why leave it stuck in the dark ages? You need a context sensitive training program that is fully integrated into Salesforce. That’s what Tipster is.