Geckos( is a Travel company which follows a bit of an unorthodox approach to travel. They like busses, bikes, boats, trains, rafts and the occasional camel. They proudly announce they will throw you straight in the deep end will mix it up with unique experiences which are not found in any guide book.

Geckos website is a visual testament of these special qualities. And when they approached us wanting it converted to a mobile friendly site, we knew we are going to have some fun.

Few key things about the Geckos’ mobile friendly website:

It was important that the mobile site reflects Gecko’s brand message consistently with the desktop site. We worked closely with Geckos to make sure we get it exactly right. The mobile friendly site is 100% synced with the desktop site which means that the changes done to the desktop site will be automatically reflected on the mobile site.

The mobile friendly site also comprises of a search that enables the users to search for trips of their liking. This functionality reflects the search of the desktop site and the search results mirror the results of the desktop site.

The visitors could easily access the latest deals, check availability of the offers, make bookings and generate enquiries.

The inbuilt geo location capability of the phone enables the user to view the prices in the local currency or change to a preferred currency.

We love the Geckos mobile friendly site. Check it out at


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