Adventure Tours Australia is an award winning Travel Company specialising in small group tours. They believe adventure travel is a mind set and they’ve been bringing together like minded people for over 20 years.
Vigilant about their customers’ behaviour on their website, Adventure Tours quickly understood that more and more customers are coming to their website through smart phones. Not wanting to give them a second rate user experience, Adventure Tours joined with Appssential to embark on a journey of implementing a superior mobile strategy.
We at Appssential just love finding solutions for mobile based technology challenges and we leaped at the opportunity of converting Adventure Tours website to a mobile friendly one.
We believe that there are few very important things when developing a mobile website. Keep it thumb friendly, Keep it neat, and make sure to retain the brand massage. And we have done exactly that with Adventure Tours. (
Key things you should make a note of in this mobile website are

Regardless of the limited real estate in the mobile screen, the mobile friendly website offers all the offers which are available on the desktop site in an extremely mobile friendly manner. It also allows the user to read details about each trip including the trip itinerary, check the availability and make a booking.

The Search feature in the desktop site is replicated in the mobile friendly website, albeit in a thumb friendly way and the search results mirror the search results on the desktop site.

We have utilised the inbuilt geo location capabilities of the smart phone to display the currencies accordingly.
The mobile site is 100% synced with the desktop site and changes made to the desktop site will automatically reflect on the mobile site. is certainly a project we enjoyed. Have a look and let us know what you think.


If you would like us to make us your website mobile friendly drop in a mail to us at or click here