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Salesforce Implementation with Appssential

When it comes to finding a Salesforce solution partner that can add value to your business, there’s no substitute for intelligence and experience.

We take our responsibility, of looking after your Salesforce instance and seeing it grow, very seriously. Whether you are thinking of using the Salesforce platform for your business or are already using it, we are always seeking out and rigorously developing smart solutions for you to get the best out of your investment.

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Salesforce implementation with Appssential

Tipster - Salesforce Help & Training and Documentation App


Tipster makes Salesforce training easy, fun and engaging; constantly encouraging users to learn more. It improves Salesforce onboarding, user adoption, documentation and makes introducing new business processes surprisingly easier.

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Mobile Applications

With our amazingly affordable, feature rich and bespoke Mobile Applications, you can offer your clients a complete and an inspiring user journey.

Our portfolio of Apps include:

  • Location based apps
  • Offer apps
  • Product listing apps
  • Taxi apps
  • Holiday guide apps

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Who We Work With

Drew Martinez
GM - Digital,
Intrepid Travel

Customer feedback and significant growth in mobile traffic were the key drivers in requiring a mobile solution.

Appsential’s experience with travel websites made them a perfect fit. Their professional approach and expert knowledge ensured this project had a quick turnaround time and more importantly met our requirements.

The mobile site has been well received by our customers, which has translated into mobile conversion increasing ten-fold.

It was a simple decision to allow Appsential to build mobile friendly solutions for our other brands.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 16.53.52
Nigel Bolding
The Chic Collection

We have been delighted with Appssential and their work on the redesign of our new web site for Chic Collection. Tin and his team have been on hand throughout the process to deliver the project on schedule and have provided excellent support and response during the process which has taken less time than I thought. Our next step will be to commission Appssential to develop a mobile site and App for us. I can strongly and securely recommend their services and particularly their work ethic to any prospective client as developing a new web site is not always as straightforward as you think it will be!

James Curran
International Development Manager,
University of East London

We have worked with Appssential one of our most high-profile marketing initiatives recently, the development of an app designed to promote our overseas campus in Nicosia, Cyprus. The overall quality of the end product is very high and the project management from Appsential was excellent throughout. Crucially, the team proved very easy to work with, creating a product that is in line with our brief and consistent with our University’s brand values. The creative talents and professionalism of staff at Appsential is the reason why we chose to work with them, and we were not disappointed.

James Gambrill
Managing Director,
Expedient Marketing

Appssential have roots in both technology and travel making them a perfect partner for Expedient and our growing client base, allowing smaller operators to harness a cost-effective yet powerful solution for eCRM and mobile solutions. Larger clients can harness Appssentials deep technical know how for bespoke solutions to their mobile and app needs. Travel is one of the fastest moving industries on the planet and by it’s nature is global in scope. Appssentials fast turnaround times and immediate understanding of client needs is essential for our clients to maintain the competitive advantage so important in todays commercial climate.

Andrew Steward
Online Manager,
Adventure Company

Along with most websites, we have seen a large increase in traffic from mobile devices over the last couple of years and it was very apparent that our current desktop was not providing a user friendly experience on smaller screens.

The challenge for us being a small team with limited resources was how to provide a mobile friendly site without the hassle of having to manage an additional CMS.  Appssential have enabled us to overcome this hurdle by providing us a mobile optimised website that utilises our existing content.
I never dreamt that it would be possible to create a mobile version of our site in such a short period of time and to such a high standard. Thanks Appssential!

Richard Liddle
Worldwide Kids Company

WWKC find Appssential to be very professional in their knowledge, advice and delivery. Appssential have the expertise to be able to advise on the latest available technology, and the experience to guide you in the most cost effective way of achieving a professional mobile solution.

Damien Currie
Digital Marketing Coordinator,
Geckos Adventures

Geckos went mobile because we could see there was an increase in our mobile traffic so we wanted to create an optimised experience so we could more easily convert these visits into sales.

Appsential have been great to work with – despite based on the other side of the world they are able to give a prompt response every time and ensure the project is completed on time.  Tin and the team made it a very easy process from start to finish.

Carolyn Spinks
Chief Operating Officer,
ABTOI – Love Italy

We were delighted that Tin and his team were able to create Loveitaly’s mobile friendly site in such a short amount of time and with the minimum of fuss.  Equally, our requests and demands were dealt with efficiently, it was a pleasure to have our past hurdles overcome so easily.  We look forward to working further with Appssential in the future.

Jules Herbert
Marketing Manager,
Original Travel

Thanks to Tin and the team for building our mobile site so effectively in such a short amount of time. Wonderful to get such a service and meet a deadline all at the same time!

Dr. Maurice Farmer
Head of Digital Media,
Imperial College Business School

We asked Appssential to produce a mobile version of the Imperial College Business School website and they have done this exactly as we wanted. The team at Appssential were professional, understanding, and easy to work with. They responded to every request quickly and made the process of creating a mobile site easy. The site does what we need and fits with our branding guidelines. This is a great solution for us and we are very happy with it.

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